What does it mean when the TEA and 10oz icons are flashing on my Bruvi brewer?

If you have been using your Bruvi brewer and experience the TEA and 10oz error code, there are three possible issues  1)  a clogged needle, 2) problem with the water pump, or 3) coffee clogged in a valve. Our Customer Care team (at hello@bruvi.com) can help you diagnose and troubleshoot those issues.   

(IF YOUR BREWER IS NEW, the most likely cause is a dry water pump. Troubleshooting for that issue can be found here. )                                             

To troubleshoot a clogged needle, we have two options. We offer a Needle Cleaning Tool that you can request from us at hello@bruvi.com.  Or if you don't want to wait for the tool, you can also clean the needle with a straightened out staple and a pair of pliers. Here's how:

1. Unplug your brewer.
2. Open the handle, and if you look down into the chamber, you will see the needle. Please be aware that the needle is quite sharp, so be careful.

3. To clean the needle you can use a straightened staple or something similar.

4. Using pliers, lower the staple into the chamber so that it runs parallel to the needle, and perpendicular to the pliers. It helps to have a flashlight or other bright light to help see inside the brewer.

5. Insert the staple into the needle as far as possible and gently move in and out of the needle to remove any potential blockages in the needle.

6. Carefully remove staple and pliers from the needle and the machine.

7. Close the handle, and plug the brewer back in.

8. Place a cup in the drip tray.
After cleaning the needle, you may see the HOTTER and 4oz icons flashing. If so,  first press HOTTER, then 4oz, and then START/STOP button. You can also try pressing HOTTER and 4oz simultaneously for 5 seconds to prompt the cleansing cycle.

9. Press HOT WATER and then 8 oz icons to flush hot water through the machine, and cleanse it.

10. Your Bruvi is ready to brew! 

If that doesn't solve the issue:

To troubleshoot the water pump, you may need to use the water injector to flush out the pump. 

To troubleshoot clogged coffee in the valve, we recommend descaling the brewer. 

If you don't feel comfortable troubleshooting, have any issues doing so, please contact our Customer Care team at hello@bruvi.com

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