Are B-Pods eco-friendly?

Yes! You have two options to dispose of B-Pods because they are both recyclable and designed to be tossed in the trash (we call it the Guilt Free Toss™). B-Pods are made for disposal in a landfill. They are uniquely designed to substantially break down significantly more rapidly than untreated plastics, through an organic process that leaves no microplastics behind. In applicable landfills, B-Pods can also play a role in Landfill Gas to Energy projects, creating renewable energy and bringing enhanced end-of-life value. 

Since about 90% of plastic currently ends up in landfills, we focused on creating a realistic and practical solution. For recycling, we offer a recycling tool, and note that you need to check to be sure your local area accepts PP#5. You can find more information about both the Guilt Free Toss and recycling options here.

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