Are B-Pods recyclable?

B-Pods (the outer cup, inner filter and cap) are made to be recyclable. We use  PP#5 (polypropylene) as it is accepted for curbside recycling in a majority of communities in the US, and there is a growing demand for it as a recycled material. We made the filter diameter larger than two inches to improve the potential to be recovered. We recommend that you check locally as not all communities accept these items. We also know that recycling pods takes some work. That’s why we provide a recycling tool to make it easier to separate the materials for recycling. Because recycling may not be an appropriate solution for everyone, we also offer an alternative, our innovative Guilt Free Toss™ option, (which is our preferred disposal method).


The B-Pod recycling tool is available with purchase of a brewer or Bruvi® Bundle, and for sale at

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