How is Bruvi different/better than other single-serve systems?

Bruvi is an entirely new kind of single-serve system. Here's how Bruvi delivers.

  • Finally, remarkably tastier coffee - hotter, stronger, smoother brewed coffee with noticeably less bitterness
  • Eco-friendly pods, including our ingenious Guilt Free Toss™ option, as well as recyclability if you prefer. 
  • Beverage variety, including brewed coffee, true espresso and Americanos, the first cold brew from a single-serve brewer and more. 
  • Super premium, sustainably sourced craft coffees, including options from favorite roasters. 
  • Mobile app that offers added features such as remote brewing, convenient pod reordering and a personalized brewing history dashboard.

Bruvi is based on breakthrough, patented technology that optimizes the craft and science of coffee. 

  • Auto Precision Brewing™. Because every coffee is distinctly different, Bruvi scans the pod and auto adjusts seven brewing parameters and hundreds of combinations for the optimal brew, just like the roaster intended.
  • Hygienic BrewCoffee goes straight to your mug without touching the insides of the brewer for more hygienic brew and no flavor cross contamination
  • 20 Stream Saturation™. 20 separate streams in the B-Pod top cap provides even saturation and balanced extraction.

  • More coffee. B-Pods® contain up to 40% more coffee than a typical capsule for full strength and smooth flavor.

  • Better coffee. Only verified sustainable, batch roasted craft coffee makes it to B-Pods.



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