How to recycle B-Pods

Check to be sure your local community accepts PP5 plastic.

To recycle B-Pods, use the Recycling Tool*

WARNING: Make sure the B-Pod has cooled before using the Recycling Tool

Step 1: Remove Film

Press the release button on the Bruvi Recycling Tool to access the blade. Insert the blade into the center hole of the pod. Slowly rotate the blade to be sure it puncture the entire film. Peel the film by hand. Discard.

Step 2: Remove Pod Top

Place the pod into the Recycling Tool. Twist one full turn to cut off the pod top. Lift the interior plastic cap with the blade. 

Step 3: Empty

Dispose or compost the coffee grounds

Step 4: Recycle

Recycle the empty cup and inner filter

*The B-Pod recycling tool is provided with purchase of the Bruvi Bundle or brewer, and available for purchase at




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