How do I pre-schedule a brew?

One of the added features of using the Bruvi App is to pre-schedule brews, including for remote brewing. 

Here's how to set it up.

1.  First, place a cup on the drip tray and be sure the water tank has enough water.

2.  Insert a B-Pod and pull the brewer handle down into the closed position.

3. Open the Bruvi App and press the Brew button (at the bottom middle of the screen).

4. The Bruvi touchscreen will appear in the App, just like it looks on the brewer, including cup size and other customization options.

5. Now you can either brew right away or schedule for later.

6. To brew immediately: simply make your selections on the touchscreen and press the START/STOP button on your App.

7. To pre-schedule for later: Find the clock on your App screen. Press that to set the time you want to brew, within the next 36 hours. 

8. Once desired time is selected, click "Schedule" to set it.

9. The schedule can be canceled or modified at any time before the brew time by returning to the App. Tap the scheduled time at the bottom. The screen will give you the option to modify the time or cancel the scheduled brew. 

IMPORTANT: Do not use the brewer or touch any settings after a brew has been scheduled.





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