Where can I recycle my old coffee maker, now that I've purchased a Bruvi?

Great question. Thank you for not just throwing away your old coffee maker. We know that finding a place to recycle it can be challenging so we are always looking for places we can suggest. 

Staples stores now have a recycling program for all kinds of technology products, including coffee makers under 40 lbs. If you are a Staples Rewards Member, you earn rewards for recycling. Our understanding is that this is a national program, but we suggest you check with your local store. 

If you live in the Los Angeles area, check out Homeboy Industries, a great social enterprise that operates an electronics recycling program. Like some other programs, there may be a charge for their services but it could be a great opportunity to recycle not only your old coffee maker, but other items.  They also offer a mail in service if you're out of the area or can't make it in person.

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