How do I clean the brew chamber?

There is an easy way to clean the brew chamber of your Bruvi brewer. This is something you can do if you have any coffee residue within the brew chamber (for example, if coffee spills out when brewing with the reusable pod or if you experience excessive splattering from a B-Pod.)  

Just follow the steps in the video or written instructions below.

  1. You'll need a cup of hot water. A measuring cup or something with a pouring lip works best.
  2. Unplug the brewer. Optional: place a paper towel or dishcloth under the brewer to catch any spills.
  3. Place an empty mug on the drip tray.
  4. Lift the brewer handle. Looking down into the brew chamber, you'll see a notched area on either side in the front of the chamber.
  5. Pour some of the hot water into each notched area to rinse out any coffee residue.
  6. Repeat 2-3 times or until clean water comes through.
  7. As needed, empty and rinse the drip tray and waste bin. Wipe off the brewer around the drip tray area with a soft cloth.

That's it! You're ready to get back to brewing!

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