How do I brew my first cup?

Before you use your Bruvi brewer for the first time, be sure to run a cleansing cycle. Then you're ready to brew!

  1. Lift the handle to open the sliding door cover (Fig. 1).

  2. Insert a B-Pod® into the pod chamber, with the pod top facing forward (Fig. 2).

  3. Lower the handle. Place a cup or mug on the drip tray (Fig. 3).

  4. Use the default settings or select from the other available customization options and sizes (Fig. 4 & 5).

  5. To start brewing, simply press the Start/Stop button (Fig. 6).

If you need to stop brewing mid-cycle, press the Start/Stop button.




NOTE: Auto Optimized Brewing: The brewer scans and recognizes each B-Pod and adjusts brew parameters (temperature, pressure and time) for true one-touch brewing.

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