Why don't you offer compostable pods?

While the idea of compostable pods are attractive, the current reality is that there are very limited industrial composting facilities in the US. That means that most compostable pods end up in landfills where (like untreated plastics) they take hundreds of years -or more- to degrade. In designing Bruvi® B-Pods®, we focused on practical disposal solutions that take advantage of existing infrastructure, which is why we developed our Guilt Free Toss™ option. B-Pods are made for disposal in a landfill. They are uniquely designed to substantially break down significantly more rapidly than untreated plastics, through an organic process that leaves no microplastics behind. In applicable landfills, B-Pods can also play a role in Landfill Gas to Energy projects, creating renewable energy and bringing enhanced end-of-life value. See more at bruvi.com/brewedforgood.

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