How do I use the reusable pod?

The Bruvi reusable pod is intended only for coffee. Do not use for espresso or tea.

Use medium coarse grind coffee for best results.

If you're using dark roast coffee, you can pack about 10 grams of coffee. For light roast coffee, you can pack about 14 grams.

Watch the video tutorial below or follow these instructions.

1. Pack the pod up to the inner ridge, lightly packed in. Be sure there are no grinds on the lip/seal of the lid. Close the lid tightly.

2. To brew properly, be sure to align the inner filter and outer cup. The tab handle on the outer cup should line up with the sticker on the pod lid.

3. On the other side of the pod, line up the arrow on the lid with the arrow under the outlet spout.

4. Lift the brewer handle up. Holding the tab handle upright in the 12 o'clock position, lower the reusable pod into the brew chamber.

5. Lower the brewer handle. Coffee brewing options will appear on the touch screen.

6. Customize your brew as desired or just press the Start/Stop button to begin brewing.

7. You can retrieve the used pod from the waste bin (be careful if it's still hot). Separate the inner and outer cup to dispose of the used grounds. Hand wash the reusable pod with mild dishwashing liquid.

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