Are B-Pods compatible with other systems?

The Bruvi BV-01 brewer works exclusively with B-Pods® and vice versa. Both feature proprietary technology, including Auto Optimized Brewing. The brewer reads the unique ID code on each B-Pod and then auto adjusts seven brewing parameters and hundreds of combinations to ensure the optimal brew of every individual coffee. With Hygienic Brew™, Bruvi brews beverages within the pod (not the brewer) so that liquid never touches the inside of the brewer. That means brewing, with no flavor cross contamination and no daily rinsing required. B-Pods also pack up to 40% more coffee than traditional pods, for rich, smoother and full-bodied flavor.

NOTE: Bruvi® is NOT compatible with pods made for other types of brewers (e.g., Keurig®, Nespresso®). That's because of the proprietary, patent pending technology that allows Bruvi to make remarkably tastier coffee.


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