How to use the water injector to troubleshoot the water pump

If you have difficulty running the initial cleansing cycle and/or if the TEA and 10oz icons are flashing on your NEW Bruvi brewer, the problem may be that the water pump is dry. Using a manual water injector, it’s easy to troubleshoot this. You may have already received a water injector packed with your brewer, but if not (or you can’t find it), we can send one to you. Please contact us at and we’ll ship it to you at no cost. 

When do you need to use the water injector? There are two situations where the water pump may need an injection of water: 

  • New brewer that won’t perform the initial cleansing cycle (the HOTTER and 4oz icons flashing) OR
  • TEA and 10oz icons flashing

Note: if you have been using your brewer and it begins flashing the TEA and 10oz icons, the most likely cause is a clogged needle or coffee clogged in a valve. We suggest you first clean the needle. For coffee in a valve, descaling the brewer should help. If needed, after that, you can proceed to troubleshoot with the water injector. 

First, check to be sure your brewer firmware is up to date. Versions or later will work for this process. 

Note that if your brewer is displaying the Tea and 10oz icons only,  you are still able to connect to WiFi.  The Wifi icon is on the lower left corner of the touchscreen. Press and hold on that corner of the touchscreen until you hear five beeps. That will make the WiFi icon visible and it will become flashing white. Then press and hold again until you hear five beeps to turn the symbol green - and flashing. You are now ready to connect to WiFi using the Bruvi App.

Please refer to the video below and/or follow these instructions for using the water injector.


To use the water injector, you’ll need a small glass of water. Then follow these steps:

  1. Remove the water tank from the brewer. 
  2. Place an empty mug on the drip tray.
  3. Unplug the brewer, then plug it back in. This should trigger the Hotter and 4oz icons.
  4. Place the long end of the water injector into the glass of water, squeezing and then releasing the pump to allow the upper chamber to fill with water.
  5. Insert the water injector into the funnel opening where the water tank connects to the brewer. The water injector should stand upright.
  6. Start a cleansing cycle by pressing HOTTER, 4oz, then the START icon on the brewer touchscreen. 
  7. Gently squeeze the pump on the water injector to push water into the brewer pump. Once water begins to flow into the mug, press the START button again. This will stop the process. (If the water doesn’t flow into the mug, repeat the process with the water injector to manually force more water into the pump). 
  8. Remove the water injector from the brewer. Place the water tank (filled with filtered water) back onto the brewer.
  9. Complete the cleansing cycle by pressing the HOTTER, 4oz and START icons again.
  10. The cleansing cycle is complete when all 6 progress bars turn from white to green. The touchscreen will return to standby mode with all icons lit up. The brewer is now ready to brew.

If you have any difficulty updating your firmware, with the water injector or any other troubleshooting questions, please contact our Customer Care team for further assistance at

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