My new Bruvi brewer is displaying only the TEA and 10oz icons and I can't perform the initial cleansing cycle. What does that mean?

We know it's disappointing to run into any problems setting up your new brewer and want to help get your sorted out as quickly and easily as possible. If you are seeing the TEA and 10oz error codes on a new brewer, there are three likely issues:

  • The water pump may be dry. You can troubleshoot this using our water injector
  • There may be a clog in a valve. If after using the water injector, you're still having issues, descaling the brewer should address this. 
  • If neither of those steps fix the issue, the water pump may have been damaged during shipping.

If you need the water injector and/or descaling solution, our Customer Care team can send them to you.  Of course, please contact us for help with these troubleshooting steps or any other questions at

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